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the big concern is about the society my dad told would be a nice place to dwell. i dont know and cannot blame anyone for me being here, but sometimes its just suffocaating. the word of God says, a kind mother will eat her children after cooking them. and right here we see it happening. every one is so miserably a mother to all around perishing,or soon to perish.

one of the many incidents that needs a talkabut is the way women stand in the present day saociety. they dont want to stay back home. neither do they have a more secure place out there in the streets or shops or any sheltered place. they move around like the faithless children of Is-rah-el.and they have the treacherous Ye-hoo-dah with them who never show them the right path.

can we work somewhat to bring a small change to this.perhaps the reader didn't even understand of whom am i talking ar even what i am so much bothered about.but i am really very much trouled and vow to bring a torching effect in the hearts of you the reader till you do something to atleast sread around this gospel of a downing futere.


    Myself a self proclaimed humble man of His Kingdom,trying to put on the cobblestones straight with the sharp ones along the way to the capitol.Catch me here in the several moods of poetry,prose and random writings trying to push you towards a desire for Him. 


    March 2012



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